Friday, October 23, 2009

growing triangles

so once again a growth algorithm. this time it is about triangles. I started the simulation with three base pyramides. there is a variable chance of growing another triangle on the current one - here it was 50 %. intersections between the triangles are avoided.
after growing a defined amout of iterations all surfaces are transformed into frames. the size of the frame-openings are linked to the z-position of each single surface.


  1. Oh, that's not the proper way to behave... you just sidelined Ronja and Mogli. Or is computer playing in the jungle not hip any more?
    MR. MIKE

  2. hey mike,
    half of our team had the wish of having a more "serious" blog name... I liked it anyway...

  3. Hi there, I'm new to rhinoscript and wondering if you can post this example up. I'm interested in how this script works or alternatively email me at