Wednesday, December 2, 2009


the outcome of the collaboration with victoria hlubek is our proposal for the 4 week short design workshop in vienna hosted by roman delugan from delugan meissl architects. the task was to create a monument of 140 m3, the site and the specific topic could be chosen by us.
we wanted to design a room for being confronted with yourself. we ended up with a concrete tower located on m√ľnsters aasee, with a lockable door, a steep stair, and a room in the top of the tower where the only view you have is the view on a mirrored wall.

we handled the quite complex geometry with grasshopper. changeable parameters are the height of the tower, its sidelength, the height of the top room, the thickness of the walls, the height and the depth of the stairs and the diameter of the stair well. with all these parameters linked to sliders it was easy to understand the geometry of the tower in relation to the stairs and to optimize it.

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